How to Install and setup MinGW-w64 for c/c++ Programming

Today, we will show you How to Install and setup MinGW-w64 for c/c++ Programming

Unquestionably, the best programming language is C/C++.

The best option is C/C++ because of how quickly and well apps can be produced with it.

Now, as you might know, MinGW is a well-known compiler for C and C++ programs. However, you might also know that the website has abruptly stopped functioning. Some individuals dislike other compilers.

Minimalist GNU for Windows, or MinGW-w64, is a fork of MinGW. Like GCC, the MinGW-w64 c/c++ compiler is a full-featured c/c++ compiler that may be used to create c/c++ programs and compile applications.

Microsoft Visual Studio can be used in conjunction with the MinGW-w64 C/C++ compiler.

So what I’ll do in this article is show you How to Install and set up MinGW-w64 for c/c++ Programming on your Windows 7,8,10,11operating system.


How to Install and setup MinGW-w64 for c/c++ Programming

For creating native Windows applications, MinGW is a native C/C++ compiler (GCC) that has freely distributable import libraries and header files. Installing MinGW for C/C++ is what this tutorial is going to cover.

Mingw is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

MinGW can be downloaded from this page. Simply enter MinGW w64 compiler or 32-bit MinGW compiler into Google and press enter; the first result will be; click on the first result that appears.

MinGW – Minimalist GNU for Windows download – SourceForge

  • You can also download it by clicking here, and it will begin downloading shortly.
  • Wait four to five seconds for the download to finish before double-clicking on the exe file to install.

How to Install MinGW-w64 c/c++ Compiler
  • Simply click install and navigate to the location where you want to install this program.
  • However, I recommend keeping the default installation folder and then clicking on proceed.
  • Installing the MinGW-w64 C/C++ Compiler
  • And now, as you can see below, it’s connecting to, implying that you must have an active internet connection during the installation, as the downloading is currently in progress.
  • When it’s finished, simply click continue.
  • They simply provide you with installation options in this MinGW installation manager.

  • In the MinGW Installations wizard, select all and mark them for installation.
  • You can do this by right-clicking on it and selecting “mark for installation” for all packages.
  • Simply click on installation and then on this application changes.
  • When you click on Apply Modifications, it will tell you that the download is underway and will take a minute or two.

Following the successful completion of the download, the files are extracted in preparation for installation. When it’s finished, you’ll see that all of the changes have been successfully implemented, and you can now simply close this wizard.


As it enables you to compile using GCC/G++ with a native Windows compiler, we hope you found our post on how to install the MinGW 64 compiler on Windows 7, 8, 9, or 10 to be helpful.

A GNU toolchain-based Windows compiler suite is called MinGW-w64. The GCC compiler and additional tools for writing Windows C and C++ programs are included. It is essential for those who want to learn to code as well as for programmers.

This article has explained how to install MinGW w64, but if you have any further inquiries or wish to learn more about the MinGW compiler, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We recommend visiting the MinGW-w64 project website if you’re interested in learning more about it.

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