How to see who joined your private story on Snapchat 2022

In this post, We’ll show you how to see who joined your private story on Snapchat.

Snapchat is the most popular app among people under the age of 25. It is primarily used by people aged 15 to 24. It has changed the way people communicate with their close friends and socialize.

 In fact, with the addition of Snap Map, the app has gained a larger audience. It enables people to track an individual’s daily activities as well as provide information about where he may be.

The ability to create one-of-a-kind Private stories with specific Snapchat users has been added. It has proven to be the most effective method of keeping a close friend or family member informed of your daily activities.

And there are also some Best Private Story Names that you can use anytime.

Let’s first see the difference between Simple stories and Private stories on Snapchat-

Difference between Simple stories and Private stories on Snapchat

Snapchat basically has three different types of stories.

The first is a public story, which anyone can view by clicking on the Snap Map location where you posted the story.

Then there’s the standard story, which only your friends are privy to. When you click My Story to post the story, this is what appears.

You can also create your own private story. This is where you choose which of your friends can see this story while the rest of your friends cannot.

The key difference between ‘My Stories’ and ‘Private Stories’ is that when you use ‘My Stories,’ everyone on your contact list can see your stories.

With ‘Private story,’ on the other hand, you can choose who sees your story. It does not have to be accessible to everyone on your contact list.

Users can create private stories for various groups of friends. For example, funny stories for close friends only, emotional stories only for families, and so on.

How to see who joined your private story on Snapchat

How to see who joined your private story on Snapchat
  • Follow the below steps to see who joined your private story on Snapchat-
  • First of all, launch your  Snapchat app and sign in to your account with your username and password.
  • Now, in the top left corner of your screen, tap on Bitmoji.
  • After selecting “Bitmoji,” you will be presented with several options, including My Stories, Friends, Spotlight & Snap Map, Public Profile, and Cameos. Tap on “My Story,” followed by your Private story that you have created.
  • Tap on the three dots next to your story title, and the floating menu will appear on your screen.
  • Now click on the  “Edit Viewers”
  • Here you can see the all people who joined your private story on Snapchat and you can also remove or add new people to your private story on Snapchat.

Video Guide: How to let anyone join your private story on Snapchat


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According to backlinko Snapchat currently has 293 million daily active users worldwide.

Snapchat’s Private Stories are those that can only be seen by you and your friends. The option for users to make their stories public or private is available. Additionally, they have the option of choosing the audience they want to share the story with.

Since private stories are only created for your friends and the people you choose, this may prompt you to consider going to the trouble of finding out who joined your private story.

You can either check the private story viewers or the notification you received from Snapchat when someone joined to see who joined your private story.

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If someone posts their private story on their main story, will they get a notification if I join?

Joining it may not notify them based on the information we collect, similar to leaving the private story. However, they must first add you to their list before you can see their newly added posts.

How to see Who blocked me on Snapchat?

When you can no longer see their snapchat score but still see their profile, you’ve been blocked/unfriended (this means they unfriended you but you still have them as a friend; they’d have to add you back).

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